The pain left in the station

How many times, wandering in the station, can’t find the way to come, the next stop, is it eternal? It has been almost one year since I came to Beijing. I still remember that last year I came to Beijing specially to relax when I was in the College Entrance Examination. I felt a different

Looking back lost youth

I didn’t expect to spend the best time in my life in this deserted and tranquil Gobi; I didn’t even think about living and working in the place I intended to give up for the whole life. But the arrangement of fate made me settle down here. Maybe the reason why I stayed here for

Thirty-year-old woman, what are you busy

Unconsciously, people have reached middle age, and they really have new feelings about life. They don’t eat for the sake of being slim, and they don’t cry for a big thing. Think about the road we have traveled in these years is really a beautiful and tortuous path. There were colorful butterflies looking for flowers