How far are you from yourself?

Is your mood good now? Is there a smile on your face? Borrowing the lyrics of Sun Yue, along the flaws that have already been exposed, it knocks on the long-experienced and tired heart. We communicate with others every day and leave footprints in the same or different places every day. Every night when people

Love flower

Love flower

Winter sowing Spring flowers bloom April spring wind fragrance pieces of flowers pieces of cauliflower pieces of yellow far look at the cauliflower yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow I love the cauliflower is Golden everywhere is the cauliflower fragrance flowering flowers refreshing, fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, fragrance April Spring Wind Flowers fragrance I love cauliflower is golden

Autumn (selected writers)

Indeed, after the continuous autumn rain, there was a little bit more coolness in the air. Compared with the hot weather the day before, all of them gave me some happiness in return for my fidgety mood. A friend said: seasonal changes will affect people’s mood, and I think so. I prefer the coolness of

He mid-autumn

When the autumn wind blows, when the leaves are hung with glittering Dew, the maple leaves spreading over the mountain have become popular. Unconsciously, autumn has quietly come. Autumn is a beautiful season. He is bold and deep, as if he is a middle-aged man with great strength. Autumn is the harvest season. I am


It was another time to work overtime until late at night. I was used to working hard, enduring hardship, enjoying hardship and hardship, and keeping silent and waiting for my dream, until now, I understand how important body is. Health is the source of all your happiness. Happiness, I think the meaning of life lies