From the gallery to Bookstore

From Shanghai Art Museum out, also reluctantly, so lift mobile phone and a shot of this seemingly church art palace. I pondered carefully in my heart, and it was also the first time in my life to see the development process of Chinese painting systematically. Although I don’t understand the beauty of Danqing art, since

The smile to you is to have

Another morning, I came from the fresh field, picked up a drop of glittering Dew, gathered a touch of gentle morning glow, and placed it in a poetic small room. Until dusk, I counted crystal clear, thinking about the gentleness. Can that figure be you, sitting quietly in the twilight glaze; Can that smile be

Children’s Day

Finally, I have reached the age of being too young. Although he claimed to be a teenager in the flower season, he indeed had already become an uncle and uncle. On children’s day many years ago, I was still thinking about what gifts I could receive. Today I want to think about whether I should