A drop of rain, a touch of heart

The gray sky was like a big pot hanging over the earth. I went home by bike at noon. A sudden rain made me unable to escape, which made me bear a kind of incisively and vividly carefree. There are always some tiny moments in life that make waves and ripples in the calm heart.

Youth garbled

Youth garbled

Youth like to cling heart of a handful of sand, let you how hard grasp, or 1.1 point floor drain off; Youth is life of the most beautiful encounter, togetherness after to leave, seeing his back getting farther and farther, the peak became lighter and lighter, and he couldn’t see the king, leaving the horse

Girl, listen to me.

Living means all kinds of helplessness and trouble. Don’t lose your temper at will, no one owes you. Learn to tolerate those who hurt themselves, because they are very poor. Everyone has his own difficulties, and everyone is not easy. Although I have a bad temper, I know how to respect people. In my opinion,

Frogs last night

After moving home, this summer will be different. A few thick poplar trees in front of the door are straight and straight, and the thick leaves will sing in the breeze. Several osmanthus trees are graceful and graceful, and there are also green waves of loofah climbing, gradually it overflowed the stainless steel welded Wall.