Dust-laden memories

I have always been a person who is not good at expressing. I don’t manage family affection, love and friendship in a special way, my character seemed to be unsociable and passionate until one day I personally ruined my love! We got to know each other on the National Day of freshman year. It was


In Qing Dynasty, Wu Sangui’s mercenary was self-respecting and dominating. Kangxi was young and vigorous, and ordered to withdraw from the vassal state, which caused the chaos of San Francisco. Kangxi fell into a desperate situation and intended to abdicate. Queen Xiaozhuang angrily den, but you can’t escape from the territory of Qing Dynasty, and

Bitter beautiful love

The morning air is cool and fresh, full of the fragrance of soil. I stepped on that charming path full of purple flowers to find yesterday’s dream! Under the lingering light rain, I remembered that we once met in the bleak autumn last year. From then on, I knew why the maple leaf was so