Cold rain of Xi

The southerners who fell into their dreams with the flowing water on the bridge all had an unspeakable crazy dream: on the silent wilderness, the birch forest, just like the bare uneven wound, was waiting for the snow to fall down, those were the transparent tears in the sky, melting in the eyes of the

Love waiting

The small town was enveloped by rainy night, and the colorful lights were blooming. The elegant rain reflected the blurred colors and touched the vertical and horizontal annual rings of the city. It was ethereal and remote, graceful and light. The splashing rain of the galloping car wetted your clothes, while your Thousands of thoughts

Fly the happy song from the bottom of my heart

First of all, I declare that my voice is not complete. If I open my mouth, I will probably be classified as noise pollution. I am ashamed and ashamed, so I never dare to sing with self-knowledge and avoid making a fool of myself. But in fact, I like music very much. Those classic lyric

Be a true self

In today’s materialistic world, it seems that all people have been weakened, and the tide of following the trend is eroding the real foundation. Holding the stale concept of thousands of years and guarding the memorial tablet of the old master, he was unwilling to walk out of the house to enjoy such a magnificent

Baby, mom’s little angel

After difficulties, I finally got a positive result and married myself. I thought I could have a good rest at this point, but a great project was put on the important agenda to have a baby, my husband and I have passed the year of establishment, and it is time to consider the problems of

This life is only for you

October has passed away in a hurry. Seeing it, winter is approaching. The sound of wild goose array passed by with missing. The loneliness of floating clouds infected the wailing of wild goose. The sound pulls the intestines, penetrates the blue sky, engraved in the heart for no reason, spreads in the softest place, and

Which faction do you belong?

According to people’s sports personality, it can be divided into three types: action type, wandering type: like to go out for activities, not limited to indoor middle type, casual type: people invite them to participate in activities and then go out for dwelling type, super-House faction: it is obvious that I can stay indoors for