I like women

International Women’s Day is coming, and I dedicate an article to my female compatriots on this festival every year. Today, I wish my female compatriots a happy holiday and a happy life. To be honest, I like women, really! I often describe women like this: women are the flowers of the world. Women decorate our

Walking on the edge, memory is deep and dotted (1)

I have been appreciating and admiring the man who makes people fight to the end of the world, walking on the edge of the society, with endless passion, no fear of wind, Frost, rain and snow, walking all over the world with one heart and one mind, and the reputation of Justice is famous, I

I ‘ve been here, and I’m very good (selected writers)

That day, when his foster father went to work in the field and passed a small bridge full of grass, he heard the baby crying, which was already very weak. He looked around, and as expected, he saw a baby who had just been born for a few days lying in the grass, already dying.