Walking on the earth of Baoshan, scattered pen (1)

As for literature, I am still a beginner and still in the primary stage. I don’t think I am a poet or a writer, because I haven’t understood its abstruse yet. I just felt and listened roughly. Therefore, my real literary concept has not been established up to now. I love literature and the ink

Life such as water

The warm sunshine skimmed over the slightly wrinkled water surface, and the clear and crystal water bloomed with blurred and moving luster. I lifted him up cautiously, so soft and fragile that I was afraid that it would suddenly fall and turn into smoke. Through its bright body, I clearly saw myself. Therefore, I was

Hearts Watch

When I was in middle school, I had a wonderful vision for literature writing. After graduating from high school, I was selected to take the position of basic education. Busy with education and teaching during the day, swimming in the ocean of literature at night. The education work of more than ten years left an


One afternoon in midsummer, the sound of cicadas outside the window was extremely annoying, and I couldn’t bear the boring atmosphere at home. So I strolled and relaxed on the street, but unexpectedly met a couple of lovers who were quarreling, although I passed by in a hurry, the harsh words of women and the

Non-permissions care

It was deep in the night, the wind and rain were rustling, the lightning tore off the wounds of the night, and the whole building was flickering with vicissitudes, like the relics of distant ancient times, experiencing countless ups and downs. In such a night, the insects in the grass were scared to be dumb

Drinking, swimming and sighing (selected writers)

As for drinking, I always stay at a respectful distance, because I really don’t know how to drink. Unfortunately, there are always people who mistakenly think that I have a good drinking capacity, but I am too rational to hide my knowledge without drinking, this is why I have suffered from ridicule. Fortunately, I seldom