Love gives corner

Some people say that a mood can describe the smile of some people, which may not be enough. A song can sing some people’s heartbreaking, which may not be enough. A film can describe the ups and downs of some people, which may not be enough. A documentary can engrave some people’s subtle changes, which

Midnight listen to music: pi pa yu

At midnight, everything was silent, one side of the quiet space, with a faint dream flowing. A sad, euphemistic and touching “PIPA” cut through the silence. The beautiful melody and melodious melody seem to tell a long story. How many lovesickness is expressed in a pipa, how many sorrows are expressed, and how many thoughts

Happiness Prescription

Happiness is not a temporary thing, but a lifelong thing. A happy life does not mean that I love you and then begin to love each other; Nor does it mean that we are not suitable and then separate. Happiness is that two people wait silently, accumulate all the love in the bottom of their

Friends gather head

Until the mosquitoes in the White House, like me, gradually became addicted to smoking and circled around the smoke ring; I still didn’t want to admit that summer was coming, and I didn’t want to go to the lake again. Therefore, I was immersed in the words; I didn’t write for writing any more. I

With tears of happiness

The topic of my speech is happiness with tears. To be honest, standing on this podium today is not so much a speech as a basking in my mood and talking to my colleagues about the happiness with tears in teaching. Since this semester, the classes I have taken are Class 6 and class 7

Anticipation of rain

Weather and rain are changeable for days. Fortunately, my mood is better than this weather. Although it is not sunny, it can also be called relaxing and indifferent. However, in ordinary days, most of them are moaning for some trivial things without illness. When they are bored, it is inevitable to be a petty family: