Mother’s Day greetings

My mother and I are far away from each other, and I miss my mother very much in my heart. Today is Mother’s Day. I wrote down my greetings and blessings to my mother in words. My mother was already 80 years old, but there was no daughter’s company around her. Every day, I was

Catch souls situation

Some momentary feelings in life need to be preserved faithfully with the pen in hand. It does not need to pile up gorgeous words or deliberately carve, only a sincere heart that can reflect the present is enough. In recent days, the right lower abdomen is always in faint pain, and an invisible giant stone

I feel the capacity of classroom teaching of quality education

After listening to classes for nearly two years, the author thinks that there has been a strange phenomenon in Chinese teaching in the past two years. That is, many teachers put the contents of the previous two or three classes into one class to finish in order to pursue the large capacity of classroom teaching,

Fleeting, passage.

Staring at the computer screen, I really couldn’t think of any flowery words to whitewash my words. I just regard words as a tool for self-adjustment, self-cognition, self-improvement and self-vent. There are too many beautiful things, but I gradually fell in love with the words, mixing my feelings into the lines, and even my sadness


The eager Autumn Tiger finally restrained its majesty and changed its fresh, clean and soft expression. As soon as the Mid-Autumn Festival arrived, the air in the corridor of the workshop Park in every corner of the city became dry and light immediately, as if all the moisture on the Earth had been emptied to


Time squeezed the time, and the shouting overlapped the shouting. The broad river bank trembled slightly in the shouting. In the rainy season of Yangtze River, its waves are rushing and surging, roaring away from my eyes. I feel the vigor, roughness and eternity of flow. This is the water on which I live, the