Superficial said education

What parents need to know most is how to educate their children? When children come to this world, only their parents are their first teachers. However, to educate children well, the most important thing is to deal with the parent-child relationship well. Some people say that if parents establish absolute responsibility in their children’s hearts,

Parent alive children happiness

Recently, I have made several friends because of business reasons, and the things of drinking tea and eating with each other are very frequent, so I talk casually after a long time. Once, several friends had dinner and chatted together. I talked about my old father as if drunk. One friend was very surprised. He

mo shang hua fall four seasons of life

Loneliness is that in time, I always get used to using words to kill time. Although I know that what I write cannot be called articles, because articles are very serious and philosophical words, therefore, my words can only be regarded as the mood of graffiti at most. They are just simple words and will

The season of fire in July

In July of another year, the sky was like a fire. Recently, thunderstorms were frequent and still couldn’t drive away the muggy weather. This was the fifth summer in Beijing. The whole four years of time were exchanged for the diploma in Yue Er’s hand, and also for my moving house and big changes in