Rain thoughts

Leaning against the window, looking at the rain, I did not move. It has been a long time since the beginning of spring, but the sunshine has not shown any trace, and has not stepped forward, ignoring our expectation. Quietly listening to the sound of raindrops falling, ticking up the music, watching the string of

Remember, think carefully

Light years have been lost, and time has been wasted. I have been wandering through countless prosperity, Temple streetscape and high platform. My heart was quiet all the time and I never stayed for anyone. Looking at those wildly noisy days getting farther and farther, there was little wind left in my youth. I thought


Buddha in the distance! Are you blinded by the dust, the people in the field, the heart blinded by the eyes has been spent, why do you want innocent lives to send precious hearts! So I look forward to the pure sky, holy Buddha, devout heart and pure sky! Pure Heart! Buddha! Buddha! Whether you

Notes on illness: life and survival

Notes of illness: life and survival every year I would lie on the bed for several hours, so that the doctors and nurses in the hospital became familiar and kind to me. They used the fastest and most skilled movements, which made me lie peacefully on the bed covered with blue and white checks. I

Life Story “two”

Today’s life is really realistic, which makes people helpless and speechless. Opening your mouth and closing your mouth is money, money and money. Regardless of what you are doing, the first problem is the white silver. However, life is also like this. You see, why are corrupt officials greedy? Robbery why robbery? Prostitution why prostitution?

Single thinking

I have always been used to thinking alone, and I like running around the football field one after another until I get tired! I met many troubles during the day. Even though the sky was drizzling, I still ran to the playground alone. In college, I don’t even know what I am doing or what