Light summer Weiyang

Some people say that recalling things is always painful and painful, but thinking of things is still painful; Thinking of beautiful things is painful because they can no longer have them. Young feelings are like flowers blooming in every cool morning, pure and beautiful like dew. Simply being together is like no matter which happy

Life and Death not want to go the Taihang

And value summer. From the last spring flower growing old, some netizens in the South began to say a word: Hot. I knew in my heart that the ferocious-looking hot demon came to the North again from the equator, burning both the South and the North into purgatory. People in the South are naturally more

Party for what? (Prose)

The Communist Party of China has nearly 80 million Party members and is a huge team. If this team is vigorous, our career will surely prosper. Chinese people used to like party organizations, thinking that Party organizations are representatives of the advanced masses, models for the people, and mass organizations that people can trust. Before

Constant shear black hair

Today, the hair of three thousand troubles was finally cut short. Long hair left for many years, although there are thousands of reluctant, thousands of unbearable, just in a thought, impulse is the devil contributed to the decision. I thought that I could make a suitable hairstyle under the guidance of a good stylist. As