August is lonely and lonely

“I am destined to be an Immortal and lonely star, with no companions and a lonely life.” I suddenly remembered the fate of Chinese heroes. My wife died and my son died, so I left because of love. Of course, I also thought of killing my wife and killing my son for pursuing the highest

Chongqing impression

Before I went to Chongqing, I only knew that Chongqing was a Binjiang city, enjoying the reputation of Mountain City and foggy city, famous for hot pot and beauty. Finally, I came to the field in person, but I saw the tall buildings built by the mountains, the two rivers were magnificent, the streets were

Go to the water, sit and watch the clouds rise

Go to the water, sit and watch the clouds rise

I am Brook/from the mountain/gurgling flow/gloomy green onion/spit to the sea/fish and birds together/morning light reminder/wisps of the sky/floating clouds/floating north and south west/No one knows/my whereabouts/Gently turning into/misty rain/Falling in/your heart. This is a poem “The words of water” written by Professor Liang Wenfu, a gifted scholar in Singapore. Every time I hear this

Memento picking up of eight

Silly mouth, our countryman cares that children always droop like silly mouth. San hanzui ranked the third among his brothers at home. He loved gambling when he was young, and his whereabouts was wandering in several nearby villages all the year round. Things in the field were thrown to his two elder brothers and one

Autumn Rain essays

A window of autumn rain filled my eyes with homesickness. The sky was dark and dark. I felt more worried when listening to the rain and the pavilion in the West Water was empty. Xiao Meng is full of love, people are thin in autumn, the rain is fluttering and the love is long, poems