I am like a cat. Years are like fairy tales.

I am like a cat. Years are like fairy tales.

Because I fell in love with staying up late. She said: you are a night owl. Like Night. In the invisible state, treat your heart quietly. Alone in the quiet of bustle and bustle. In the dark, no matter it is beautiful, ugly, good, reasonable or unreasonable, it needs to be too wise in the

Cleanse your mind and walk in life

Life is a cup of tea. Only by carefully tasting can you feel the taste. Life is full of a lot of bitterness. When you get used to it, it will gradually fade. The bitterness will stretch other flavors, making you have a long aftertaste and endless enjoyment. Open the window of the soul and

Qing Yin shallow sing woman’s life

With kindness as the background, the plot of life is overhead; Helpless sadness and melancholy eyes are heartbreaking covers. The increasingly haggard face and pale face gave a posture of rustling autumn wind, and the closed lips blocked the depression in the heart. The dull and dry chest intended to stop the invasion of the

wu yue, summer after

In May, after long summer, we really entered summer. Willow trees on the shore of Poyang Lake are becoming more and more abundant. The leaves were so green, so green, so green that they seemed to wring out the juice. Occasionally, one or two drops were blown up and fell on the surface of the

Recollections jiu yue

I will continue to stay with this city in another way I went out at 6 o’clock in the morning and came back at almost 8 o’clock in the evening. From beginning to end, I only welcomed myself with silence; Since I went to college, on weekends… [Original essay] string words Since winter, the sky

About Her

She suddenly lost confidence in her feelings, which was an unprecedented feeling. Some numb, some helpless, some lonely, some reluctant. The heart, at that moment, will suddenly feel pain like being smashed by heavy objects. Growing up unconsciously made her hallucinate love. The illusion was like deep red blood dripping on the white blanket, with