I know you still don’t care, but I still have to say thank you

The Twilight is like water, perhaps because it just rained, the sky is especially clean, and the faint orange red renders the peace of the night. It seems that the bottomless boundless in the distance, there is always a trace of hidden sadness or helplessness. No other actions, still, sit quietly by the window. The

Shelling beaten track Command

The arrow is wound, the bullet is loaded, the sight is adjusted, the artillery is followed by the old command! Set! Put!!! Bang! A dense fog of smoke rose, just like the mushroom cloud exploded by the atomic bomb, which spread the whole sky rapidly. However, the solid city wall just collapsed a gap, and

Life Story “one”

Life is what? The so-called life is eating, sleeping, surfing the Internet, working, smoking, drinking, gathering and talking about mountains. After? It is happy, happy, sad and sad. And then, I was confused and helpless. No matter whether you are rich or poor, everyone has such troubles and disappointments. Nowadays, many people are asking confusedly:

Beautiful said

Heart of beauty. Since ancient times, beauty has been the object of people’s attention. There are small family Jade, national color and natural fragrance, graceful charm, water spirit, fresh and pure. Own characteristics the natural Chiaki. For West Lake than West, woman’s light and heavy make-up zong xiang yi. There are more descriptions about the

Rural Chronicle (VII) Poplar

My mother’s figure was clear and fresh in the sunshine. It was a rare good weather. It Was weekend again. I stood on the terrace and watched my mother use a pair of chopsticks to remove insects from her vegetables attentively, there were some small holes on the green vegetable leaves several days ago. My

I’m slowly falling in love with writing

For a long time, I think that I am an emotional woman with sensitive feelings and perceptual cognition towards things, although this kind of perception is often annihilated by the helplessness of life — in a certain situation, there are always many embarrassing feelings that accumulate in the heart but have no time to settle

Rabbit (spit) language

This is a friend’s space avatar. I like it very much, because it is a very spiritual and lovely rabbit, which seems to endow human soul. The raised ears seemed to be listening to something, the solemn face, the bright and deep eyes, and the sharp eyes that could see through everything. As if saying: