Commemorate the heroic footprint

Commemorate the heroic footprint

For a person who doesn’t understand the history, doesn’t know the past, and is hard to know the times of revolution and struggle, it is necessary to understand the works of that person in that period, that era or that person, it is difficult to understand and understand the true meaning of his inner works

Suiyu couple transcription one

Silence is the principle of reason. Abide by the plain, face the confusion, and remain true to the heart. Yingying pulse, Lotus under the moon. If Lotus is invited to read the mark of heart, then silence will not be infected by loneliness. In fact, silence is also clothing, and loneliness is not the color

For Life Preservation

I have read what Professor Yu Dan wrote to keep life fresh, which aroused my impulse to create, and I was also intoxicated by the fairy story written by her, thinking that a woman should live like her, put aside some worldly troubles and treat yourself as a virgin, and the baby will return to

There is a gray Sparrow at the door

It was a sunny afternoon in spring, and the large courtyard was extremely quiet. Maybe it’s because adults go to work and children go to school, but because of physical reasons, I still sleep comfortably in bed. When I opened a pair of sleepy eyes from this rare quiet time, I was shocked immediately! Because

Chongyang chrysanthemum appreciation

Chongyang chrysanthemum appreciation

Autumn october, high qishuang days, all over the mountains and plains of the chrysanthemum opened, I couldn’t help thinking teenager of ornamental chrysanthemum fun. It was October, 1950, when I was in grade 5 in the village primary school. One day, the Chinese teacher asked us to write a composition with flowers as the topic,

Dream of the day

In that year, you walked away in the snow with full ambition. The landscape of your hometown and the eyes which were hard to give up were thrown behind by the fast train. You exiled yourself tragically, leaping over thousands of mountains and rivers, and knocked open the scarlet door in the unknown. Since then,

Neither man nor woman can be hurt

Wang Lin’s song “I can’t afford to hurt” flew across the country and shocked too many people’s hearts! How many people’s emotions have been sung by the real and modern lyrics and songs, and how many people will feel painful when listening to this song? In the emotional world, how many people can afford to

Turn off the light and listen to the heartbeat.

Ridiculous youth turned the memory page after page, and the book full of dust recorded Young and frivolous. Recalling the details over and over again, I only remember that what touched people at the beginning was actually myself. People look at you with a smile, and then the mess you move yourself may be the