A letter from a strange woman

In countless sleepless nights, I stared at the night with my eyes wide open. Anxiety and fear covered my eyes. Yes, I am not willing to sleep like this. I fell asleep, one day passed, and another day was coming. Me at a loss. I can’t say clearly what I’m afraid of, and I can’t

Embrace qi yue

Who says July is always hot and dry, which shows the booming of life, and who says July will be salvaged in sweat, which represents the harvest. Ha ha, July, in my waiting. You are reserved, smiling, and finally arrived. I was ecstatic, welcoming you with open arms and embracing you. Ha ha, July, July

I am drop of water in the spoon

I still got up very early and kept running every day for a year. Today is different from the past. The sky is gray and mixed with some floating clouds. One by one is like dandelion flowers, and the joy of leaving the mother leaves to fly to the Sky first. I am hesitating, whether