I am a rhododendron children

I am a Red azalea. I bloom in the sunny spring. I have many good sisters who are eager to bloom beautiful flowers like me, looking forward to bees and butterflies dancing around us, making our life not monotonous! Inscription I am azaleas. Although I am beautiful, I am not enchanting. Although I am expensive

Notes on illness: life and survival

Notes of illness: life and survival every year I would lie on the bed for several hours, so that the doctors and nurses in the hospital became familiar and kind to me. They used the fastest and most skilled movements, which made me lie peacefully on the bed covered with blue and white checks. I

Autumn Rain essays

A window of autumn rain filled my eyes with homesickness. The sky was dark and dark. I felt more worried when listening to the rain and the pavilion in the West Water was empty. Xiao Meng is full of love, people are thin in autumn, the rain is fluttering and the love is long, poems

Relative wordlessly

23 degrees centigrade, cloudy, quiet Xiaogang’s dusk solo, wanted to cry, but could not cry. I often fall into this dilemma and can’t help myself. Looking through all the logs in the space, we can see the sadness filled with heart and the confusion and ignorance brought by growth. In the deep night, one person,