Superficial said attitudes

I remember that the first time I contacted this fake word when I was a child was about the puppet army and Wang puppet government. At that time, I was confused in my mind. I don’t know what it meant? With the growth of age and the expansion of reading, I finally understand its true

Life most beautiful is indifferent

Life most beautiful is indifferent

I like the leisure time of one person, a cup of tea and an afternoon best. I like reading books, and then I put myself into the story with unrestrained imagination. Or joy, or sadness, or happiness, or indifference. Sometimes I would make it public, but only for a moment. I always like to pursue

Autumn thoughts

I stand in the wind when I stare at the harvest in the golden autumn on the day when fallen leaves are flying. Taste the rhythm of autumn wind and the thoughts of rain carefully with eyes and soul. There is an impulse of life and passion of youth in the fervent chest. Walking on

Half of them travel in spring

If there is an afterlife, be a tree and stand forever. Without the posture of sorrow and joy, half is peaceful in the dust, half is flying in the wind; Half is falling in the shade, and half is bathing in the sunshine. Very silent and proud. Never rely on, never look. If there is

Anticipation of rain

Weather and rain are changeable for days. Fortunately, my mood is better than this weather. Although it is not sunny, it can also be called relaxing and indifferent. However, in ordinary days, most of them are moaning for some trivial things without illness. When they are bored, it is inevitable to be a petty family: