Smoke · Capriccio

At dawn, there is thick fog outside the window. One or two stars of straight light were shining firmly through the dense fog. Such Dawn is not quiet. The sound of cars on the road and the roaring sound pierced the earmuffs sharply. In such a sleepless moment, a person suddenly feels very weak. Let’s

Classmates graduation 30th anniversary party stone carving couplet and pen holder couplet

▓ Yang Wenfeng this year marks the 30th anniversary of graduation from two classes of 78-level agricultural meteorology major in Nanjing Meteorological Institute (now Nanjing University of Information and Engineering). Classmates at home and abroad all hope to go back to their alma mater to get together, and specially established preparatory group. Level 78 is

Cang ink bar

Sometimes, narration is just to commemorate one’s existence. It is like the vicissitudes of those who count down time. Day after day, year after year, my heart counts every cycle of time. But it is also like a person guarding the independence, sitting alone beside the river and watching every wave put out on the