Listen to music at midnight: Love the Internet, love you

The pattering rain outside the window knocked on the window and my sleepless. I sat quietly in front of the screen holding a cup of fragrant tea in my hand, looking at the lonely sky cloud and hazy rain outside the window. I am an old man with little ink in his belly. Although he

Walking on the edge, memory is deep and dotted (1)

I have been appreciating and admiring the man who makes people fight to the end of the world, walking on the edge of the society, with endless passion, no fear of wind, Frost, rain and snow, walking all over the world with one heart and one mind, and the reputation of Justice is famous, I

Go to the water, sit and watch the clouds rise

Go to the water, sit and watch the clouds rise

I am Brook/from the mountain/gurgling flow/gloomy green onion/spit to the sea/fish and birds together/morning light reminder/wisps of the sky/floating clouds/floating north and south west/No one knows/my whereabouts/Gently turning into/misty rain/Falling in/your heart. This is a poem “The words of water” written by Professor Liang Wenfu, a gifted scholar in Singapore. Every time I hear this