Memento picking up of six

He is from our village, ranking fourth in his family. All villagers call him crazy fourth child. In the early 1980 s, he went to high school in the town fifteen miles away. For some unknown reason, some people in the village said that he was trapped because of chaotic (love) love, and his spirit

I like autumn

The company wants to move to a spacious and bright office and workshop, and the mood is naturally very bright. The middle-level meeting of the company was held, and mobilization was arranged. There were young leaders and senior leaders. It could be seen that everyone was in a good mood. At the meeting, I talked

Please ask me when you are lonely

There is a flower in the deep well of my heart, which is warm and gloomy. The petals are white and bright, and tears drop by drop. The flower is helpless, and the heart is too heavy, I feel a little uneasy. Then it’s not heavy, I decided to float! Lonely floated all over the