Love of distance

In my childhood, I always thought that the distance belonged to soldiers, and I always heard the heroic voice singing the pride tearing my throat; Or the numerous students, because there are a lot of people around me who have been admitted to school and left, and once they leave, they will leave all their

I am a rhododendron children

I am a Red azalea. I bloom in the sunny spring. I have many good sisters who are eager to bloom beautiful flowers like me, looking forward to bees and butterflies dancing around us, making our life not monotonous! Inscription I am azaleas. Although I am beautiful, I am not enchanting. Although I am expensive

Loneliness is the deepest loneliness (E Weekly)

Loneliness is not that nobody cares about you, but that you don’t want to care about anyone; In fact, the most difficult thing in life is to put down, walk in the world of mortals, be willing to put down, my heart was relieved …… — inscription by going to the dawn alone, walking or