Everyone’s heart

Everyone has a heart, but this heart is ever-changing, which needs to be adjusted by oneself and maintain a good attitude every day, so that we can have a good mood every day and do everything smoothly, when you go out, you all want to have smooth sailing and everything goes well, so you can

Lonely thinker of ougan

I was in a terrible mood yesterday. What was it? I can’t say it clearly. Anyway, there was a kind of helpless sorrow suddenly born in the loneliness without emotion, and then the endless tears seemed to be like the stream winding and covered with plain appearance. Staring at the White Clouds outside the window

When the frost is Green, who will weave the clothes?

I can’t say that all the green is still green. If you can find the photo of spring, compared with the current green, there is no ambiguity. These days, the weather was like early spring, the continuous rain, falling, coldness began to spread, the curtain of the Xuan window moved, it seemed to send the

In the fleeting time, he Zeng was sad

In a bad mood, the sky is so dusty and lonely! The tip of the pen trembled and wrote down those people who once cared about me, suddenly felt relieved about the gradual alienation. We are not who, and how can we extend that caring heart to eternity? Once, once, those once, were all labeled