Mood essay

A Waiting is a kind of happiness and beauty. Passengers waiting for the bus under the bus stop, young people wandering in the moonlight, and even mothers standing at the head of the village looking forward to returning. Although they had different results of waiting, everyone had the same mood of waiting. That is to

qi yue qi day sunny

I had a dream last night. I stood under the blue sky in late autumn, watching a figure like my back drifting away. At the corner, he suddenly looked back, smiled and waved at me, and then disappeared at the end of the path full of poplar trees. The artistic conception of this dream was

Seclusion should in city

Since ancient times, people’s goal of seclusion has been in rural areas. In fact, it seems that the real seclusion should be in cities. The purpose of seclusion is to get rid of the worldly disturbance and live a leisurely, peaceful, relaxed and carefree life. In fact, the real leisure and tranquility are also in