Prosperous years wind rain

The curtain of the years, the river water is mixed and the clouds are boiled, and the eaves of the building are dripping and glittering, the wine wakes up the residual light fog. The sound of the wandering heartbreak the rain is so rainy that the autumn color is green in the south of the

Wheat harvest and college entrance examination

In June, the temperature rose and the flowing gold was like fire. No matter judging from the focus topics that the news media pay attention to, or their own life experience, they all know that the busy Wheat harvest season in rural areas is coming. Because of the college entrance examination and school holidays, I

Remember the ninth of collecting fragments (memory about geological team)

I remember that in the early 1980 s, a geological team was stationed in our village. The dormitory of the geological team was settled in the west wall of the Grand Theater in the village, which was a dozen gray canvas tents. At that time, the stage was in the middle of the south of