Zizhenziyin drunk life

The noise of the day and the rush of people disturbed the quiet and comfortable, and the chaos missed the once dense feelings. Yelouxiaobian strong, Yuet ru lian, hustle dust floor. Drink in the past, drink in the past, the passing years, carved in the hovering palm prints, printed in the quiet eyes, buried in

“Water Moon and North Lake”

It has been so quiet that I don’t know how long I will sit. Sigh the wind, dive into the corner of the night, fell asleep. All the lights quietly faded away, and all the voices gradually disappeared. The occasional noise of joints is the intimacy between my left and right hands. Soft, gentle, gentle

Send out shawls, feel free and cool to see the world

I like washing my hair very much, and I like the feeling that my wet hair is loose, I just like it very much! How to describe that feeling? I just think it is natural and free. Looking at my hair spreading unbridled, just like looking at the growth of flowers and green leaves unbridled,

Interesting childhood 15 heart on meat

When I was three years old, my family once had horse meat. Although it was my first time to eat horse meat, I didn’t feel the fragrance. Do you know the reason? Because of the poor family conditions at that time, there was no money to afford meat. Only eat all kinds of wild vegetables

Emei complex

I had always wanted to go to Emei Mountain in Sichuan. At first, it was really because of the TV series named “The Legend of Killing Dragons by Heaven”, because of a female disciple named Zhou Zhiruo, Emei, because that sect called Emei school really thought that there must be an extinct Old NI and