Midnight Music: The world of mortals love song

The night was silent. I sat alone in front of the computer in front of the window, opened the memory words floating in the long time, counted the past years carefully, and sighed softly! Life has been in a hurry for dozens of years in the Spring and Autumn period. The Dreams of childhood, the

Beautiful is a kind of imagination

I remember that I once saw a cartoon in which two neighbors were transforming tables at home. Party a changed the square table into a round table and thought the Round Table was beautiful. Party B changed the round table into a square table and thought the square table was beautiful, imitating each other. There

Midnight Rain knock melancholy

The rain of spring night suddenly came from the midnight, followed by the ticking sound, beating happily in this quiet night. The rain beat the night, but the night flowed silently, as if passing through my sleepless melancholy, and pulling my homesickness. For a long time, this night, I’m afraid I can’t do it by