Morning Glory Ah morning glory

The rain last night completely faded the spring, and all the flowers disappeared overnight. However, summer followed the footsteps of Miss Chun slowly. Although it came a little late, there was no shyness of spring at all. The dazzling green color was the evidence. The rain made the Originally dry field fertile. The mushroom top

Turned easy to forget difficult

Turning around is so light, elegant and natural, but walking away is so heavy. In this turbulent world, in this vast net sea, in this space home piled up with words, meeting is a kind of beautiful love. A touching article, a passionate text, an emotional word; Let two strangers who are far away meet

Every move deserves tears

How long have you not cried? In those rare tears, how many of them fell for sadness? How many are left for touching? Speaking of this sentence, it suddenly reminded me of a book I read a long time ago, probably because time passed too long, so I suddenly remembered it, I only remember those

Way hot way flying

Yes! It tests our patience. On a brand-new road, there was no shelter, and the old green trees were no longer cloudy. Even their children were missing. Two traffic patrol officers drilled under an umbrella to avoid the baptism of the scorching sun. 90 seconds of red light, I sat on the battery car, with