On the way (selected writers)

A vast world is arrogant. The steep rocks are reserved. When I stood at the foot of the mountain and raised my head, I suddenly felt a tragic shock. The barren mountains are solemn and bleak. The ingenious workmanship of nature made the mountain and the water into a royal house across the river, and

Fleeting notebook

Tunzi is at the foot of the Back Mountain of yinsha Mountain. According to legend, ancestors migrated from the big locust tree to this point. Slowly blossoming and scattering branches here, it has become a village with about 200 households now. I don’t know much about the elder. From the chatting of adults, I vaguely

Have you visited the space today?

I woke up early today but didn’t want to get up, so I just lay down and took Harry Potter borrowed from the library, and let go of the wings of thought before the movie was filmed, follow Rowling’s thoughts to enter the magical world one by one. It is exciting because of the unknown.

Autumn night emotion

Sleepless Tonight, bury yourself in the whispers and disappearance of time. I couldn’t help jumping out of my consciousness and murmured in my ear. The fear and sorrow caused by it were like the helplessness when yellow leaves fell from the branches. I couldn’t help leaving without hesitation, leaving is the inevitable destination. Is such

Soft Time

That night, I suddenly woke up and saw the moonlight shining over half of the room. A thin curtain of light was floating in front of the bed quietly like gauze. Looking out of the window, a round moon was hanging on the horizon. Its circle, its brightness surprised people inexplicably. Later I remembered that

Fine Fleeting Footsteps

When the Milky Way River was crystal clear like a dream, the light in the gap was peaceful and harmonious, and closed his eyes in the cluttered cicadas from far and near, his mind gradually melted. 18 years old, I don’t know whether it should be said that I finally grew up or grew up

Turning around for 120,000 times, I only saw you alone — promise for a lifetime

When I met you, I firmly believed that if one day you left, I would definitely look for you like crazy. Once upon a time, this was what you said to me, and I always took it to heart. You always say that after getting along with me for a long time, I find that