As the saying goes, feeding village — lazy people don’t go out, and the weather is not sunny when going out

Lazy people naturally eat and do nothing. They either eat or sleep all day long, or they are idle and wandering around. In the village, people often laugh lazy but not poor. As long as people are poor and ambitious, they will still be respected by people. Although some families are poor, when you walk

If you want more, you can lie to me again

Finally, I still cried. When the tears flow down again without breath, do you know how much I miss you? Why, why not use a beautiful lie to wrap this candy with poison? My heart is so painful, so painful! Really reluctant to give up you, really! I am reluctant to give up those beautiful

I want a blooming life

Re-take Youth these four words in 4 years ago movement already call thousands times,-I no Ho Tung courage and determination to take the hard first step. Until now, I still live the same life as I did after I was over 40 years old! What is my youth? Now I am so vacant and helpless,

Those bent waist

In front of the door of our unit, the Sanitation Department placed a trash bin, which was always filled with all kinds of garbage. The strange smell was filled with mosquitoes and flies flying around. Most people pass by with their noses covered, or take a detour from afar for fear of escaping. But under

Seven sets of thoughts

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Lugou Bridge Incident on July 7. Recalling this period of history, remembering this period of history, thinking about this period of history, learning from this period of history, I salute General Tong Lingge! I salute General Zhao Dengyu! They fought against the strong enemy with flesh and blood,

Street in shower

The continuous muggy weather for several days actually indicates that there will be a rainstorm coming. People in this street are all longing for a hint of cool wind, and it is better to have a pleasant rain. Walking in such a street, a burst of white rain really came out of a sudden. Together

Spring Gathering

Winter has been silent, unable to entangle. Gently open the door of the season, knock the footprints of spring hunting, try to walk into the deep heart and touch the warm fragrance. Rain, clear and smooth; Wind, gently rising; Air, quiet new; Earth, gradually crisp; Everything grows quietly; Heart, slowly open. Everything, everything is so

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

For you, I would like to gather a sleeve of flowers, guard a city alone, enjoy the loneliness of the whole life, even if the heart sounds are no one to listen, even if the messy steps scattered on the ground of heart injury. -Notes Looking at the catkins flying like snow in front of