Mood essay

A Waiting is a kind of happiness and beauty. Passengers waiting for the bus under the bus stop, young people wandering in the moonlight, and even mothers standing at the head of the village looking forward to returning. Although they had different results of waiting, everyone had the same mood of waiting. That is to

First wave red

Every wedding spirit, ponder yellow legitimate lines. Drunk leaning on the new building to invite the moon, the dream of beauty dance. The red sleeves add fragrance to the night of reading, Qing Zhengxin likes my crazy desire. Looking at the wandering place hand in hand, my bosom friend wandered together. Reading at night with

Paint the mood, and describe the wonderful

White represents comfort; Yellow represents irritation; Red represents pleasure; Blue represents confusion; Green represents pride; Orange represents embarrassment; Black represents regret today, my mood should be yellow + Blue. I can distinguish many colors, but I can’t control my mood. I always hope that it will be dark and afraid of the Dawn. Because I

People with Kite

In the wind, people adjust the kite in their hands. Hold High, run up, release the line and adjust the direction with people’s unremitting efforts, kites fly slowly, rising in the air and dancing people are watching their dreams of flying hard and cheering. The kite saw a more beautiful world in the distance from