Thank you for the one who hurt you

Thank you for the one who hurt you

Some people are not worthy of your resentment; Some people are not worthy of your care; Some people you can’t forget even if you want to forget, while some people, you want to remember, but you can’t remember his appearance any more. But there are some people, you must sincerely thank them, because they have

Confused between pain and Dream (selected by writers)

After the winter solstice of 2010, my mother left without discussion. I was very painful, mentally retarded and stupid. Mother left without preparation, and I was not ready to see her off. Life is like a cloud. The wind blows and floats without a trace. Even if it falls in other clouds, it is confusing.

Taking advantage of the new sunny weather after the rain, I want to run away……

There is a kind of erosion in life, hidden in the heart of deep understanding. Sometimes I slapped a sad slap in the face. I couldn’t resist this desolation. After the rainstorm and baptism, I wanted to run away and walk to a place where the direction of escaping in my dream was mountains, water