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Wine and song Xi life geometry? Ashikawa said, who is like sifu? On the other side of the sky blue, I played the zither loudly and shook a hundred grass in the wind. Life like dream, Ho, time flies, who Cloud said, such as month wear yin suo. The appearance of tender skin, through the

Listen to music at midnight: I will wait for you at the next intersection

Long Sorrow is always in my heart) in the dead of night, the Moonlight flies slowly in front of my eyes. The quiet Starlight adds some pain and helplessness to the night with a sad indifference, I could not sleep alone. Sitting under the screen, I listened to a song named “I am waiting for

Cang ink bar

Sometimes, narration is just to commemorate one’s existence. It is like the vicissitudes of those who count down time. Day after day, year after year, my heart counts every cycle of time. But it is also like a person guarding the independence, sitting alone beside the river and watching every wave put out on the

Silent leaves

Through the flowery of spring, the fervor of summer and the sadness of autumn, it is the cold silence of winter. The prosperity is over, the curtain is lightly closed, and the loneliness and coldness of the individual curtain are scattered. Although the hot summer is approaching, I still feel the cold of my heart.

Be a cat that won’t let you worry about

Air conditioning room. During the interval of work, I suddenly looked at QQ and began to be stunned. It seems to be far away from your world. Since I told you that we didn’t start at the right time. They said that the pain was only a hundred days long. Any gentle yearning can’t match