Unforgettable Days Without Foundation

In the late 1970 s, I went to school with my schoolbag on my back. In our village, school is called study. Therefore, I started my reading life with a longing for the study life. The schoolbag is sewn by my mother by hand with a beautiful floral cloth. The schoolbag contained a small blackboard

If water night wei wu drunk

The drizzle scattered all day like gossips still made me feel the coolness in summer. Or it is related to mood, I always feel that this summer is cool and cozy. For people living in cities, there is only the difference between cold and hot. The sky is always the same sky, and the buildings

In that season, fish died and grass withered

All the prosperity is destined to fall in April of destiny. April is not a season of death. The fish is dead and the grass is withered. There is no hope to tie it again. Fall, in April of death, fall bottomless. I once had two small fishes, Chizi and Zimo. It only happened yesterday.