Catch souls situation

Some momentary feelings in life need to be preserved faithfully with the pen in hand. It does not need to pile up gorgeous words or deliberately carve, only a sincere heart that can reflect the present is enough. In recent days, the right lower abdomen is always in faint pain, and an invisible giant stone

Hazy, heart scenery

Most of the time, people think that beauty is in the clear sky. Those colorful flowers blooming in spring, those flourishing willows swaying in the wind, those white clouds floating in the blue sky, and The Seagull soaring in the blue sea. There are several desolate green grasses, several lotus ponds in Wanli pond, and

Feelings of “Children’s Day”

Time flies like an arrow, and time is like a song. With the loss of time, I have experienced dozens of spring, summer, autumn and winter unconsciously; Decades of life; Decades of wind and rain; decades of years; Decades of dreams make life step forward gradually. The time is always 1 minute 1 second past