Green not Central

I can’t think of any suitable adjective for the season in front of me, which is warm, cold, bright, dark, dead and left. The outline of the Four Seasons is blurred here. Mid-Autumn of su yue radius, Chongjiu of Tao chrysanthemum and open. Are there no sentimental poets willing to claim this season? Or there

Storage little memory

Unload the burden, abandon the troubles, and walk all the way with your mood. Through the overlapping mountains, the reflection is like real ripples. Unrestrained and intriguing, it seems vicissitudes. Laughter and whispers, rippling in the green mountains and waters. I tried hard to enjoy the rare relaxation, and smiled slightly. The mountain stream sealed

Rural Chronicle (iv) the depth of residual Lotus

It was dry and thin, with pale yellow leaves. The water in the pond had almost dried up. It was not long before I walked along the familiar straw stem. The red leaves and green leaves in the past had become my memory. Is it autumn? Indulged in the quiet of the countryside, with green