Scorpio, scream, a little bit

Scream, a sports drink. When it comes to sports, it should be the patent of men. Someone must say that I have taken a partial view. One day, I had a scream and realized what I had learned. I gradually realized that Scorpio and scream actually had an indissoluble bond, because there were a large

Living is a kind of practice

These days, they are all living in the mood of a green plant. This state is very good! Peaceful, serene, mellow, full, with the moisture brushed by the dark fragrance, and the detachment of the Buddha. It is said that living is a kind of practice. In such a simple, natural, authentic and quiet life,

Truancy and absenteeism

When I was in primary school, my deskmate was in the same village with me and he was one of my uncle’s neighbors in terms of seniority. He was two years older than me. Generally, I called him by his name without scruple. At that time, there were three sisters in his family, who were