Such as water of night

Counting by fingers, I have been on Fushou Mountain for the sixth time, and stayed at Fushi mountain villa for more than ten nights. I like the night of Fushou Mountain, not only because of the high altitude here, the hot summer and autumn season can make you enjoy the cool and comfortable as spring;

Butterfly made of paper loves rain

Spring elimination snow Spring elimination snow, multi-the yao nian, unspoken. Reading from afar, it is just above that snowfield. The snow is really beautiful, after all it is spring… Waiting Waiting is a kind of persistence, sticking to a certain belief and never giving up. Maybe because of a certain commitment, or because of a


It was another time to work overtime until late at night. I was used to working hard, enduring hardship, enjoying hardship and hardship, and keeping silent and waiting for my dream, until now, I understand how important body is. Health is the source of all your happiness. Happiness, I think the meaning of life lies

Memento picking up of seven

The Golden Book is the name of the owner. The reason why he was called Xiaojin Shu was that there was another Jin Shu in the village who was older than him. For the sake of distinction, it was called Dajin Shu. Coincidentally, these two Jin Shu used to be barefoot doctors in the village.