There is no end of flowing

I will continue to stay with this city in another way I went out at 6 o’clock in the morning and came back at almost 8 o’clock in the evening. From beginning to end, I only welcomed myself with silence; Since I went to college, on weekends… [Original essay] string words Since winter, the sky

Harbin I love you

I have traveled through many cities, and why I stayed in Harbin at last is that I like this city. People near the river are enthusiastic, do things straightforward, do not drag the mud with water, and feel happy. Secondly, there are a lot of good people. I remember that when I just came here,

My shopping experience (Taiyuan Evening News)

Jewelry is the favorite of women. If you have money to buy expensive ones, if you don’t have money to buy goods from stalls, you will be satisfied as long as you are not idle on your hands, ears and neck. Just like clothes, accessories are updated every year. Gold, silver, amber and Jade are

Be a cat that won’t let you worry about

Air conditioning room. During the interval of work, I suddenly looked at QQ and began to be stunned. It seems to be far away from your world. Since I told you that we didn’t start at the right time. They said that the pain was only a hundred days long. Any gentle yearning can’t match

The temperature of the fingertips, who has played with the sorrow

The temperature of the fingertips, who has played with the sorrow

It seems that the wind blows across the heart, as if there is water dripping between the flowers. In a dream, who has become the only person I miss? Shake the finger and the flowers fall, how can the fleeting time be. Love each other, listen to the flowers falling on your shoulders. The dust