Prosperous years wind rain

The curtain of the years, the river water is mixed and the clouds are boiled, and the eaves of the building are dripping and glittering, the wine wakes up the residual light fog. The sound of the wandering heartbreak the rain is so rainy that the autumn color is green in the south of the

If time has an old face

Women are red apples when they are not married, green apples when they are married, yellow apples after a few years of marriage, rotten apples and rotten bananas in the rest years. The most painful and fearful feeling of a woman is that with the precipitation of time, her beauty will not appear, dim and

The long river of time, a leaf duckweed

Cold Moon, cold lonely city heart, cold lonely city deep years River. Cold star, cold the road of the world, cold a leaf of duckweed in the vast sea of the world. The moonlit night was as quiet as water, and the bamboo shadow was swaying outside the window. It was natural to miss the

Take your eyes to see my world

Take your eyes to see my world. Never miss the cherry blossom whenever it is blooming. I meet the cherry blossom in another spring. Every April, there is an unexpected encounter, meeting and meeting. I often ask Liu, eyebrows fly in spring, spring comes and Spring goes another spring dance listen to the flowers and

The years I have gone through

The years I have gone through

The Sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and the time is like an arrow. It’s gone in a flash, and it has gone through 17 years unconsciously. I never remember the childishness of my childhood, nor how the happiness of my students passed. But I still vaguely remember how my love was in

Childhood Fun 15 fair fish catch fish fish

Before I was nine years old, it seemed that I hadn’t eaten a few fish in my memory. The fish I ate for several times were also caught by my father when he went to the dam to take a bath in his spare time. Because I eat fish less often, I think the fish