That year of love letter

The love letter of that year, the Green handwriting and the ignorant emotion, which I read unintentionally after many years, all of which were shining on the yellow letter paper. I like this description. The melody of Jiang Meiqi’s love letter of that year rings in my ears, just like, when youth is about to

Wood Log Keeper

In Guigang, wooden fields can be seen in places with roads. Wooden yard is our general term for some wood processing plants, which includes planing plant, pressure plate plant, wood core plant, handle sweeping plant and so on. Due to the low investment and simple production process of the wooden yard, it is often to

Those overwhelmed time

In this period of time when I was at a loss, I was in a daze of anxiety and faint fear. It seems that everything in this world has nothing to do with me, and it seems that everything is related to me, such contradiction, entanglement and vulnerability. Quiet almost lost the signs of life,