Zizhenziyin drunk life

The noise of the day and the rush of people disturbed the quiet and comfortable, and the chaos missed the once dense feelings. Yelouxiaobian strong, Yuet ru lian, hustle dust floor. Drink in the past, drink in the past, the passing years, carved in the hovering palm prints, printed in the quiet eyes, buried in

Do you still remember those “break-up letters”

The letter of parting is written by American writer Nicholas Sparks, who is called the king of American pure love novels! Contact with his works is the accidental encounter with “choice” in the last issue. As far as I am concerned, he has simple materials and ordinary characters. Portray pure and deep-rooted emotions, stimulate the

Meet warm, shou hou yankon

[Heart mark] Not everyone who passes by can know each other, nor everyone who knows each other can know each other. I have been asking myself that I have been wandering in the Internet for so many years, coming and going, walking and coming, and I have already been used to seeing all the water