Travel return

Traveling is not strange to me. In those years, I traveled around the world in my military career, and in those years, I traveled all over the famous mountains and rivers of my motherland and visited all the places of interest and historic interest of my motherland. With the growth of age, there is no

Remember the ninth of collecting fragments (memory about geological team)

I remember that in the early 1980 s, a geological team was stationed in our village. The dormitory of the geological team was settled in the west wall of the Grand Theater in the village, which was a dozen gray canvas tents. At that time, the stage was in the middle of the south of

I like women

International Women’s Day is coming, and I dedicate an article to my female compatriots on this festival every year. Today, I wish my female compatriots a happy holiday and a happy life. To be honest, I like women, really! I often describe women like this: women are the flowers of the world. Women decorate our

Write to yourself 5 years later

Dear Shanshan: Hello! I am you at the age of 20, are you living well now? Are you happy? Are you mature? Are you still happy? What was your mood when you saw this letter? Whether very touched 5 years ago left ourselves this moving. Whether will miss 5 years ago when into society of