Happy migratory birds

Over the years, too many changes have happened. There are so many people around, no matter the quantity or everyone’s life circumstances, all become different from the past, just like trees in autumn, with different shapes and different endings. Some people are sick, some are disabled, some are abnormal, some are divorced, some are in

Love you a million years

This is the name of a song. How can you pay attention to this vulgar lyrics? Love is the most unpredictable thing. Why can you love someone for ten thousand years? The space and time are uncertain, people are even more uncertain. Ten thousand years is too long, and we should seize every minute. This

Half leisure and half fickle

The long waiting finally waited for an expected result. The waiting days are really half leisurely and half impetuous, as if rushing forward surrounded by spray. When surrounded by spray, the weather is still hot and the sky is still full of floating clouds, burning the impetuous Earth and flowing soul. It seems that they

Bowls of looking

If I came out from home, the first thing I encountered was rows of tall buildings. With their solid and huge bodies, they couldn’t help blocking my warm looking. My eyes hit the silver-gray wall, and then I was bounced back like table tennis. I felt the unspeakable anxiety and pain in my eyes and