Early spring scenery

Early spring scenery

In the morning, walking along the riverside road, the snow and rain gently hit my cheek, and said to me like spoiled: I’m coming! You welcome? I smiled and said nothing, but asked: why not welcome it. While walking, I replied to the rain and snow in my heart. There were few pedestrians on the

This a

In this era of information explosion, it is relatively easy to pick out some impressive news in a period of time. For example, Japanese want to hold fishing competitions on Diaoyu Islands in China, and continue to heat up the hype of Japanese politicians to buy Diaoyu Islands; For example, American president praises the Philippines’s

Magnolia blossoms

When the Spring is warm and cold at first, when people have not completely changed their cotton-padded clothes and the winter jasmine is about to wither, magnolia flower will use its soft twigs and rusty buds to stand in the pavilion in March in early spring. I haven’t seen it for a few days. When

Nanchang line

It was the first time that I took my seven-year-old child to my fourth Grandpa’s house in 1997. I remember that when it rained, our shoes and clothes got wet, so I found dry shoes and clothes for my child to change in the arrangement of the four grandmothers of the child temporarily. The seven-year-old