The sorrow of the autumn string, who will share me and me

If love really could stand the test, wouldn’t there be such a sad story? If love is really as firm as a rock, wouldn’t there be half a scroll, a song of separation, and finally, the fleeting years that vanished in the end of the world with the wind? — Text: dancing alone with rain

Search for Lost simple

Originally, we were all very simple. Why is it becoming more and more complicated now? Everyone fortified their hearts and built thick walls; Some even installed batteries. What scares us so much? The armor of the fort of the city wall is as strict as the enemy. Such a solid defense system adds boredom, emptiness,

Years, I accompany you to wander around the world

I don’t know whether it is the snowy season or the day when Pear petals are flying all over the sky. I just have a mood that has nothing to do with beliefs and joys and sorrows approaching my 19-year-old! End those feelings and those happy wandering, years, I will accompany you to wander around