Wheat harvest and college entrance examination

In June, the temperature rose and the flowing gold was like fire. No matter judging from the focus topics that the news media pay attention to, or their own life experience, they all know that the busy Wheat harvest season in rural areas is coming. Because of the college entrance examination and school holidays, I

Memento picking up of six

He is from our village, ranking fourth in his family. All villagers call him crazy fourth child. In the early 1980 s, he went to high school in the town fifteen miles away. For some unknown reason, some people in the village said that he was trapped because of chaotic (love) love, and his spirit

Where is our time and where have we gone?

My ten years began to trace back from 1999, during which I went through junior high school, senior high school, university, and even work. It was like water, and there was no trace to find through it. How many things can be completely recorded in this decade? I don’t know, even when I began to

Tonight, please let me cry gently on your shoulder

Moonlight is always sad, involving a lot of thoughts, confused sadness, drunk sorrow. No stars, no moon, no music, squatting on the chair, tearful eyes. Don’t know role, be passionately devoted. Use a smile to whitewash peace, be a happy woman, warm yourself and others, like sunflower, even if lonely, always facing the sunshine. Everyone

Never forget this Yan

Eagerly across, sea blue, tiankuo. When you meet in this life, you will remember your appearance. Even if the years consider your veil of sadness or happiness ruthlessly, only the maroon merciful pupil is not more, in the embarrassed Icehouse, or at the dusk of the painter’s heart, this pair of semitransparent gemstones is as