Not every destination for a long trip is full of expectations, but most of the time, it is desirable and desirable, such as Qinhuai, Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang, Shaoshan, the Imperial Palace, the Great Wall, Lijiang, xiamen, Gulangyu Island, the smoky south of the Yangtze River, The Beautiful South and the scenery of the North all stopped

As the saying goes, the village where the father and mother are fed, it is better to have their own

In the world of life, parents are naturally the closest relatives. From childhood to adulthood, we lived and ate with our parents. Especially when we were young, we had our own parents to work on food, clothing, housing and transportation, it is undoubtedly our own to spend their money and eat their meals. It is

Afternoon Capriccio

The sunshine in the afternoon was so warm that it made people feel a little stuffy and stuffy, so they immediately drank a cup of cold boiled water. When the cool water came into the body, feeling so refreshing, the skin at this time becomes smooth and trendy after soaking in water, which is a

qi yue qi day sunny

I had a dream last night. I stood under the blue sky in late autumn, watching a figure like my back drifting away. At the corner, he suddenly looked back, smiled and waved at me, and then disappeared at the end of the path full of poplar trees. The artistic conception of this dream was

Meet in the crowd, forget in the arena

This fleeting few degrees change, face remains unchanged. Time flies in the wind and rain, you and I miss it in the beautiful years. Nowadays, that long-sealed emotion can only be used to pay tribute to the lost time with a hint of sad words. Walking in the wind and rain of the world, fate

My tears are flying

If the running water can turn back, please take me away. If running water can be accepted, no longer worry. If the running water can turn back, please take me away. If running water can be accepted, no longer worry. Some people envy you, free flow. I would like to be you and swim everywhere.

The journey of life

Short moments, long forever. So, how far is it forever? People are on the journey, many things, many scenery, and many stories are constantly deduced. There are always some people worth cherishing; There are always some things worth touching; There are always some scenery worth recalling. The roles of these journeys are musical symbols in

Jiang south of the impression

Jiangnan is good, and the scenery used to be familiar with too many poems and stories, which gave Jiangnan a soft character. Is this the root of the tragedy of the Southern Dynasty for thousands of years? When I first arrived in the south of the Yangtze River, I stayed in the small town at